Why work with McIntyre Partners?

We focus predominantly on the acquisition of, and investment in, private companies in the natural resources, infrastructure and related service sectors.

We partner with management teams and offer compelling management economics.

We are able to move extremely quickly and provide confidence in execution.

We have access to considerable capital to fund growth and development.

We have extensive industry and financial relationships.

We have a history of generating exceptional returns for our partners.

Our Approach

We have a simple set of business principles; we believe in supporting people, creating advantage, and generating scale.

Our experience has been that when talented people get together, who believe in each other, and are committed to a common cause, then those people can overcome any obstacle and achieve tremendous success. That’s why our starting point for any business is to partner with and support great teams of people.

We believe that good business is about creating an advantage to provide a superior value proposition to customers. This advantage can take many forms, including a better product offering, improved production processes, lower logistics costs or enhanced environmental performance, but it is critical that this advantage is both material and sustainable. We work with companies to identify and leverage these advantages.

We get excited about businesses that have the potential for big impact with regional or global scale. We look for those products that can access large end-markets and those technologies that can achieve industrial scale. We believe that with our experience and networks we can support companies in scaling from demonstration to large-scale deployment.

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