McIntyre Partners

An investment company with a different perspective.

Who we are

Founded by entrepreneurs; we invest our own capital. We focus on acquiring non-core businesses from corporate sellers in energy, industry, and infrastructure. We unlock value by partnering with management to remove constraints and enhance performance.

Our Approach

We have a simple set of business principles


Investing in people

We partner with committed management teams, who become owners in the business, to unleash entrepreneurial spirit and deliver enhanced performance through focused investment and streamlined operations.


Getting the basics right

We acquire fundamentally good businesses that are constrained by incumbent ownership. This often makes them unfocused, under-invested and burdened with corporate overheads. We work with management to improve performance through having the right organization, capital, and plan.


Managing risk

We excel at understanding and managing complexity. We can operate in regulated industries, manage businesses with high concentration risk, understand complex operations and contracts, and resolve legacy liabilities.

Why Work with McIntyre Partners

We offer a unique proposition to both management teams and corporate sellers

No. 01

Empowering Management

We partner with management to improve performance through alignment of incentives. We provide managers with equity and encourage them to think and feel like owners. We believe in empowering management to do their job, whilst providing support with advice and relationships. We are patient long-term investors who will re-invest in the business.

No. 02

Adaptive Counterpart

We offer sellers fair value and rapid execution. We invest our own capital, and the decision makers are directly involved in every transaction. Our industry experience and management centric approach provides business continuity and low reputation risk. We are flexible and seek innovative solutions to complex transactions.

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